OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Rockford, Illinois

Wound Care

The OSF Wound Healing Center is a multi-disciplinary physician-driven program. Center-of-Distinction.jpg Center of Excellence Award

Our physicians include surgeons, family practice physicians, podiatrists and other medical professions. This approach provides our patients with a broad spectrum of medical expertise.

Our entire medical staff has also attended and passed an extensive wound and hyperbaric oxygen certification program.

Our partner, Healogics, has developed a clinical pathway that guides treatment protocols relying on evidence-based medicine, experience, dedicated research and review of best practice. 

This pathway is comprehensive yet flexible, recognizing the individuality of each patient and physician. It reflects the most current diagnostic tests, technologies and treatments available today.

Our Services

Some of the conditions we treat include:

  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Lower leg ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Bone infections (osteomyelitis)
  • Gangrene
  • Skin tears or lacerations
  • Radiation burns
  • Post-operative infected wounds
  • Slow or non-healing surgical wounds
  • Failing or compromised skin/muscle grafts or flaps
  • Wounds over 30-days-old failing multiple treatments/therapies

Our Team

Our specialists have undergone state-of-the-art training by nationally recognized wound care experts.

Our team of specialists is comprised of staff members who are experts at using whatever therapy is deemed appropriate and remains at the leading edge of wound-healing solutions.