Atlas Interface

Atlas LabWorks is very easy to use and deploy and with the added benefit of the PCR (Patient Centric Repository), patient demographics and insurance information can be easily imported from the established database.  By simply searching the repository of data for the patient, ambiguities of records are minimized and any conflicting data can be validated before the order is processed.  This process enables cleaner orders and efficient, timely reimbursements.

Atlas LabWorks also has the ability to interface with a number of EMRs, both one-way and bi-directional.  Following is a list of EMRs Atlas LabWorks interfaces with.  If you do not see your EMR vendor on the list, please contact us for more information.

Atlas Interfaced EMR List 2015 (PDF - 277.6 KB)

Utilizing LabWorks through OSF System Laboratory ensures:

  • Complete clinical information and patient demographics
  • Improved turnaround times and clean order capture with custom ask-at-order entry questions
  • Reduced data entry errors and increased efficiency, utilizing PCR functionality
  • Accurate, convenient auto-printing of requisitions, ABNs and specimen labels
  • Reliable results reporting

For more information as to how OSF Atlas LabWorks can benefit your lab or office, please contact Raymond Rosenberry at (309) 624-9065.