Mobile Apps & Support

Our OSF Libraries have subscriptions to mobile apps that library users can download to their devices. At this time, they include the suite of eBooks listed through uCentral (available only at OSF Saint Francis), Micromedex, and DynaMed.

Read by QxMD Free Trial

  • Read by QxMD - Access to full-text medical papers for healthcare professionals, and trainees. A personalized medical journal that allows users to share, highlight, and add notes to full-text articles. 

To participate in this free trial, visit  or search for 'QxMD' in the app store. 

Please contact us through our general contact form for more information. 

Other Apps

  • Harrison’s Manual of Medicine
  • Johns Hopkins ABX Guide
  • Control of Communicable Diseases

Please contact us through our general contact form for more information on how to gain access to these apps, as well as for other information about mobile devices in health care.

Library Catalog

The library catalog can also be searched on mobile devices.

Sites & Apps of Interest