OSF MyChart for Inpatients

You can use your OSF MyChart account to stay actively engaged and participate in your inpatient treatment at most OSF HealthCare hospitals.

Bring your mobile device to the hospital to access your medical information during your stay. With the OSF MyChart bedside experience, when you’re admitted to the hospital, your OSF MyChart will be updated in real time. You can:

  • Learn who is on your care team.
  • View labs and vital-sign results throughout your inpatient stay.
  • Check on upcoming scheduled procedures and new medications.
  • Request pastoral care.
  • Record text, audio or video notes to discuss with your caregiver.
  • Read educational material assigned to you.
  • Access all of the material already saved in your account.

Communicating with your nurse

OSF MyChart does not replace the traditional call light. Please continue to use the call light if you need to speak with your nurse about any time-sensitive questions or concerns. But you can use the Notes function in the app to help you remember specifically what you want to discuss.

Proxy access for primary caregivers

Sometimes, patients are unable to use OSF MyChart themselves. If you are a primary caregiver and are considered the agent to make legal health care decisions for them, please talk to your loved one’s nurse about completing a proxy form to be able to access their OSF MyChart account.

Request a tablet

If you do not bring your laptop or mobile device to the hospital, or if you do not have an OSF MyChart account, ask your nurse for a tablet. If your hospital and unit have access to OSF MyChart, a hospital-provided tablet may be available for you to use.

The MyChart Bedside app is installed on hospital-provided tablets. Once you open the app, you can log in or create an OSF MyChart account where you can access real-time medical information throughout your stay. All hospital-provided tablets are secure. After your discharge, the tablet is restored to its factory settings, and no previous patient information remains on it.

After your discharge

Once you are discharged, the content created during your stay will be sent to your OSF MyChart account, where you can access it 24/7.