OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

Ottawa, Illinois

OSF Saint Elizabeth History

Take a journey in time as we identify highlights and key points throughout the history of OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center.

A Hospital Begins

  • Sisters.JPG 1895
    • The John Stuart Ryburn Memorial Hospital opened at 713 Clinton Street. The hospital was presented to Ottawa by Cecilia Ryburn, widow of Dr. Ryburn, in whose memory the hospital was erected.
  • 1909
    • Solomon E. King left a bequest of $40,000 and a new section of the hospital was built on the corner of Madison and Clinton Streets. The original building was then converted to a nurses’ home--it was connected to the new section by a ramp. The new section was known as the King and City Annex.
  • 1939
    • A new addition was built. It ran in front of the original Ryburn building and connected with the King and City Annex.
    • During WWII the remains of the original 1895 Ryburn building was torn down and a new wing was built. The Nurses’ Home was moved to 717 Clinton Street when the hospital purchased the Leix property.
    • During subsequent years, the Funk property at 723 Clinton and the former Bailey-Walsh Funeral Home at 729 Clinton were added to the Ryburn property.

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