OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

Ottawa, Illinois

Spiritual Support

In the spirit of Christ and the example of Francis of Assisi, the Mission of OSF HealthCare is to serve persons with the greatest care and love, in a community that celebrates the Gift of Life.

At OSF HeathCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center, we understand the importance of spiritual support and pastoral care in the healing process. Times of illness are never easy, and the support of family, friends, faith communities and religious practices become all the more important.

Our Services SEMC_Ottawa_Chapel_20160624-1.jpg

  • Pastoral conversation, listening, and prayer
  • Contacting your clergy person or faith leader
  • Support in seeking meaning and hope
  • Support in making a difficult decision
  • Assistance with an Advance Directive
  • Bibles and other Holy Scriptures
  • Devotional resources
  • Support at the end of life

Fr. Mike Driscoll, Ph.D. is the Chaplain and Director of Pastoral Care program at OSF Saint Elizabeth.  Deacon Mike Timmerman along with Deacon Ron Wackerlin are also available to provide pastoral services for patients, families, and Mission Partners.  Contact the Pastoral Care office by calling (815) 431-5107.

Our chapel is located just off the front lobby as you walk into the main hospital entrance and is open 24 hours a day for patients, visitors, and staff for prayer and meditation.

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Mass Schedule

Mass will be celebrated once a month in the OSF Saint Elizabeth chapel. Join us the first Friday of every month beginning at 11:30 a.m.

About Fr. Driscoll

Fr Mike Driscoll Fr. Mike Driscoll, PhD

Fr. Mike Driscoll is a priest of the Diocese of Peoria.  He was ordained in 1992 and served as pastor at several parishes. He was chaplain at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center in Peoria from 2003 until 2012, when he became Director of Pastoral Care in Ottawa. Fr. Driscoll has a B.A. in Economics, an M.A. in Moral Theology, and a Ph.D. in Counseling. Fr. Driscoll also currently serves as pastor of St. Mary's Parish in Utica.


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