OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center

Ottawa, Illinois


Rich history:

Our Auxiliary has been around for the better part of a century!  It serves to meet the mission of fundraising and generating donations toward purchasing state-of-the-art hospital equipment.  

Bladder scanner Auxiliary Board donated (2).jpg Bladder Scanner Donation Past donations include:

  • Patient Transport Van
  • Acuson S2000 Ultrasound System
  • Laptop Computers for Visitors and Patients
  • SiteRite Needle Guide and Ultrasound Probe System
  • Bladder Scanner

How money is raised:

The Auxiliary raises money through various fundraisers and business ventures such as the Gift Shop.  Many Auxilians also volunteer their time within the hospital, in addition to contributing toward fundraising efforts.

Auxiliary Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is home to a variety of "on-the-go" snacks, magazines, books, flowers, cards, balloons and more!  Our selection can certainly help make a patient's stay more enjoyable.

Known for its treasures and fun variety, the Gift Shop also features candles, jewelry, decor, holiday goodies and more... perfect for year-round gift giving!

The Gift Shop is staffed by volunteers.  Its proceeds are utilized by the Auxiliary to make important equipment purchases on behalf of the hospital.

Voted one of the best local gift shops according to public survey, the Gift Shop is located within the front lobby of OSF HealthCare Saint Elizabeth Medical Center.  For more information, call (815) 431-5278.

The Family Room

The Family Room is a community initiative that is funded solely by donations and the OSF Saint Elizabeth Auxiliary. The Family Room is a program that allows parents to exchange points, earned by exhibiting healthy parenting behavioral for baby and toddler supplies, as well as laundry and cleaning products. To assist parents in earning points, the Family Room provides parenting education on healthy lifestyle choices for parents-to-be and parents of children from infancy to age 3.

Participation in the Family Room is strictly voluntary; however, all parents must first belong to the WIC (Women, Infant and Children) Program through the LaSalle County Health Department and reside in Eastern LaSalle County. The Family Room maintains a storefront at 1808 Seneca Drive in Ottawa and can be reached by calling (815) 431-9665.

If you would like to support the Family Room via donation, please connect with our Volunteer Services department at (815) 431-5432.