OSF Saint Paul Medical Center

Mendota, Illinois

Join Your Extended Family

The OSF Saint Paul Community Board and staff are honored to work with caring individuals who volunteer their time, talent and/or treasure to make a positive difference in the health of our community.

Whether you are a volunteer or foundation donor, we thank you for helping us provide exceptional care to the hundreds of patients and their families who need healing, help, and hope each year.

And we are always looking for more individuals with warm hearts and helping hands to join the OSF Saint Paul extended family of caregivers.

Volunteer opportunities for all ages are available through OSF Saint Paul Medical Center. When you are a volunteer, you will work with those like you who want to reach out and help others—it’s a positive, rewarding, and fun experience.

Auxiliary Gift Shop

The OSF Saint Paul Medical Center, Auxiliary’s Gift Shop, is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 a.m.– 4:00 p.m.

20.jpg The gift shop depends on volunteers to work in the shop. There will be times when the gift shop is not open when a volunteer is not available. However, if the gift shop is closed, please inquire at the switchboard desk, located across the lobby from the shop, to see if someone is available to open the shop for you. ALL PROCEEDS FROM SALES IN THE GIFT SHOP BENEFIT THE HOSPITAL.

The Gift Shop has a wide variety of gift items for men, women, and children. In addition, the gift shop carries:

  • Gift items
  • Cards
  • Novelties

Volunteering is a Healthy Habit

OSF Saint Paul thanks each and every volunteer who donates their time, energy, and talents to help assist patients, staff, and physicians. Their value goes beyond the number of hours they give to the hospital - it is their smile, their extra effort, their compassion, and their caring - this is what makes our volunteers and escorts special.

In House Volunteers - Contact:  Anne Czajkoski, Annemarie.E.Czajkoski@osfhealthcare.org

Meals on Wheels Volunteers - Contact:  Molly Pyszka, Molly.S.Pyszka@osfhealthcare.org

Gift Shop Volunteers - Contact:  Brenda Grobe, Brenda.L.Grobe@osfhealthcare.org

OSF Saint Paul Medical Center Volunteer Application