Preceptor Program

This program is specific to the licensure levels of the OSF Northern Region EMS Paramedic Education Program.

An effective preceptor program is essential to the success of any primary EMS training program. The preceptor plays a pivotal role in the education of the pre-hospital provider. The preceptor is responsible for ensuring that each EMS student can apply all of the knowledge, both didactic and practical, to the patients in which they encounter in their EMS career.

For this reason, we have in place a comprehensive program to address the needs of the students within our EMS training programs.

Once a person has been identified as a potential preceptor candidate they are referred to our office to be evaluated for entry into the preceptor program. 

Step 1: Prerequisites

  • Download and complete Preceptor Application
  • Letter of Endorsement from the service(s) in which they will be precepting.
  • Current Illinois EMT-Intermediate or Paramedic license with no restrictions.
  • Good Standing within OSF Northern Region EMS for a minimum of one year.
  • Current ACLS, PALS or PEPP, PHTLS and HCP CPR certifications.

All of the prerequisites must be met before moving into the training/orientation process.

Step 2: Training and Orientation

  • Orientation to preceptor program. (See application.)
  • Orientation to Adult Learning Concepts. (See application.)
  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding. (See application.)

Once all requirements have been met, and the preceptor has completed the training and orientation process they will be placed in the active preceptor database until which time they are no longer qualified to do so. A preceptor may be removed for any reason that violates any of the before-mentioned qualifications.

If a preceptor fails to maintain any requirement of this program, they will be removed from active preceptor status until such a time they can demonstrate compliance. Once determined to be compliant, they will be placed back on active status and their service(s) will be notified of their change in status.