Military Service Members & Veterans

Saint Anthony College of Nursing prohibits high-pressure recruitment tactics for the purpose of securing enrollments of Service members.

Saint Anthony College of Nursing has been approved to provide Veterans Education Benefits by the State Approving Agency for Veterans Education, Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs.

For more information regarding the education benefits, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

Saint Anthony College of Nursing is approved by the Illinois State Approving Agency to certify eligible applicants for educational benefits under the Veterans Entitlement Programs: Titles 10 and 38.

To obtain further information about Veteran benefits, student may contact:

Christian Avila
Financial Aid Office

School Certifying Official (SCO) VA Education Benefits

Phone: (815) 282-7900 extension 27613

For further information please click here to visit the VA office web site.

  • Title 10 - Chapter 1606 - Montgomery G.I. Bill® - Selected Reserve
  • Title 10 - Chapter 1607 - Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)
  • Title 38 - Chapter 30 - Montgomery G.I. Bill® - Active Duty
  • Title 38 - Chapter 32 - VEAP - Veterans Educational Assistance Program
  • Title 38 - Chapter 33 - Post 9/11 GI Bill®
  • Title 38 - Chapter 35 - Dependent's Educational Benefits

Tuition Assistance

The Tuition Assistance (TA) program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty education programs in support of a Soldier's professional and personal self-development goals. TA is available for courses that are offered in the classroom or by distance learning and is part of an approved academic degree or certificate program. The courses must be offered by schools that are registered in GoArmyEd, are accredited by accrediting agencies that are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and are signatories to the current Department of Defense Memorandum of Understanding (DOD MOU).

Tuition assistance details for each service branch

Speak with your ESO or Education Counselor within your military service prior to enrolling with the College of Nursing

How To Use The Military Tuition Assistance Program

Process for Tuition Assistance Benefit

Upload your degree plan to your military branch portal or submit it to your local Base Education Office for approval. When your TA application has been approved and you receive your TA authorization, notify the Financial Aid Coordinator at Saint Anthony College of Nursing. The Coordinator will review your document and confirm the approved courses you have entered. The expected TA amount will be applied as a credit on your account and will reduce the amount of tuition for which you are responsible. The Bursar will generate a voucher to request your TA funds after the institutional refund period.

Order to Active Duty Information

Students shall not be penalized for class absence due to unavoidable or legitimate required military obligations not to exceed two (2) weeks unless special permission is granted by the Associate Dean. Students are responsible for notifying faculty members of such circumstances as far in advance as possible and for providing documentation to the instructor to verify the reason for the absence. The faculty member is responsible to provide reasonable accommodations or opportunities to make up exams or other course assignments that have an impact on the course grade.    

Saint Anthony College of Nursing recognizes that certain situations may develop in response to a state or national emergency that require students to leave school due to circumstances beyond their control, thereby preventing the students from completing the current term. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, military reserve units or National Guard units called to active duty. SACN further recognizes that when a call for service or national emergency is issued, it may not be possible for students to comply with normal deadlines; therefore, the College is committed to provide the most supportive stance possible to the student called to active military duty.    
Students, upon providing documentation of orders, will be exempt from the published withdrawal deadlines.  


  • Students who are called to active duty under the above circumstances will be referred to the Supervisor of Support Services for assistance with leaving school and making academic decisions. The student may contact the Supervisor either in person, by mail, e-mail, or by telephone; however, written documentation of the student’s orders must be provided before the policy will apply.  
  • Active duty military personnel, or students in the military reserves or the National Guard who are called to active military duty after the beginning of a semester or summer session or active duty personnel have two time sensitive options in determining enrollment status with the college: 

            - Students who must withdraw pror to the 6th week of the semester will receive a full refund.
            - Students who must withdraw after the 6th week of the semester may request a military incomplete.

  • A military incomplete will be indicated for current courses as a “MI” on the transcript.  A military incomplete will allow the student to return the first semester after military discharge and to reenroll in the courses so designated, if the course is offered and space is available. The student will not have to resubmit tuition for those courses that semester.  
  • The Supervisor will notify the Registrar of the student’s status and the necessary action will be completed to arrange for incomplete grades or to withdraw the student with a full refund of tuition and student fees.  The effective date of the withdrawal will be the date that the student completes the withdrawal form or the date the Supervisor is notified in writing of the need to withdraw.
  • Students who must withdraw will adhere to any curriculum/catalog changes and mandated by the Leave of Absence Policy.
  • Readmission following the student’s release or return from active duty or mobilization is handled through the Supervisor.  Students are encouraged to work with the appropriate academic dan for curricular advising.