Tuition & Fees

Application Fee(s)

All PROGRAMS Undergraduate and/or Graduate: A non-refundable $75 fee is mandatory to complete the application process for all undergraduate and graduate programs.

Registration Fee(s)


Newly accepted students are required to sign and return their "Statement of Intent" letter (provided by college) along with a $200 non-refundable deposit, by the due date stated in the acceptance letter.  This deposit will offset the tuition once registered for classes.

All traditional BSN students enrolling in a summer course must submit a $300 deposit at the time of registration.


Newly accepted students are required to pay a $200.00 non-refundable tuition deposit within 14 days of acceptance.  This deposit will offset the cost of tuition once registered for classes.


Program Cost
Undergraduate Tuition - BSN $824 per credit
Post Licensure RN (is an RN to BSN Student) $544 per credit (special pricing for OSF Mission Partners)
Graduate Tuition $1,014 per credit

Other Fees - Undergraduate

Type Cost
Computer/Technology Fee $30 each semester
Skill Lab Supplies $60 for students (Jr1) enrolled in a clinical 
Simulation Fee $50 each for students enrolled in N310, N311, N312, N314, N401 and N420
ATI Resource Fee (every spring and fall semester) $178 - $400 (estimated) variesbased on class cohort
NCLEX® Tutor Senior II only:  fall 2022 is $715, spring 2023 is $715 (estimated)
Graduation Fee $200 charged once in the last semester
Undergraduate Uniforms and Supply List Information sent to students before new student orientation

Other Fees - Graduate

Type Cost
Computer/Technology Fee $30 per semester
Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation (OSCE) All-day: $100 per experience per semester
Half-day: $75 per experience per semester
N620 Workshop $150 for students enrolled in N620
Poster Presentation Fee $150 for students enrolled in PR672, TH684, EBP780
Graduation Fee $175 charged last semester

Additional Charges As Appropriate

Type Cost
Books Prices vary; books are purchased through an outside agency
Check Return Fee $35
Interest Fee 1% per month on balance due
Late Payment Fee $10
Late Document or Late Registration $10 each occurrence (mailbox key $5.00 if lost and/or not returned on time)
Clinical Make Up Fee for 16 week Course
Charges for courses other than 16 weeks will be prorated
A $20 fee per clinical clock hour is assessed for a second clinical or lab absence within the same course and semester. 

Absence days beyond two in a semester will be charged at $40 per clinical clock hour. 

A missed 12-hour clinical is considered two missed at 6 hours each.
Clinical Site Fee Clinical sites may charge a fee directly to the student

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time.

Tuition Policy

As Saint Anthony College of Nursing incurs expenses in advance for the entire academic year, a refund schedule has been developed to reflect an equal sharing of the loss when a student withdraws.

Students who officially withdraw from all courses enrolled at the College or who are dismissed will be able to receive refunds according to the following schedule:

Semester Week of Withdrawal Percent of Tuition
Prior to the beginning of semester  100 
End of week 1  90 
End of week 2 70
End of week 3 50
  • The beginning of each semester is defined by the academic calendar and not individual course start dates.
  • No refunds will be granted after end of the third week of the semester. For courses that run more or less than 16 weeks, the refund would be prorated accordingly.
  • There is no refund on supplies or fees

Requesting a Refund

In order to receive the appropriate refund, a student who wishes to withdraw from the College must comply with  the
"Withdrawal from the College Policy and Procedure", which is located in the College Catalog."   
A " Withdrawal from the College Form " must be completed and submited to the college's registrar office.

Financial Aid Recipients

This policy may be superseded by any federal and/or state mandate (i.e.: Title 34, Section 668.22 Department of Education Federal Regulations) necessary to remain eligible for student financial aid programs.

Any refunds or repayments are made to the financial aid programs first.

Any financial aid proceeds given directly to the student prior to the refund date may be subject to repayment by the student.

Know the consequences before you withdraw!

Push PAUSE and consider the consequences of not completing a course.

P Payments There may be fees (tuition and/or administrative) payable after withdrawal.
A Academics Course withdrawals will appear on your academic record, and may have an impact in the future.
U Understanding You should have full understanding of all areas impacted by withdrawals.
S SAP Withdrawals will affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).
E Extensions Withdrawals can extend the time and cost to complete your degree.

Please consult with your academic advisor, enrollment management and financial aid coordinator before proceeding with plans to drop or withdraw from a course.


Deborah Denny
Student Affairs Specialist - Bursar
Phone: (815) 282-7900