OSF Saint Francis Medical Center

Peoria, Illinois

OSF Disaster Preparedness

homepage-photo.jpg The Office of Disaster Preparedness is responsible for disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery programs during any type of disaster.

We also serve as the Regional Hospital Coordination Center (RHCC) for IDPH EMS Region 2 Hospitals, serving 18 counties and 25 hospitals. The RHCC is the primary point of contact for communication and coordination of disaster response activities with its resource, associate and participating hospitals and EMS agencies in Region 2.

Our office houses and coordinates the Region 2 Medical Emergency Response Team (RMERT). RMERT is a multidisciplinary group of medical professionals from each of the 25 hospitals in the region.

This is accomplished by providing resiliency through mitigation, preparedness, and education, we are building a disaster-resilient health care system.

Illinois Healthcare Coalitions Map

State Map (JPG - 219.9 KB)    Region 2 RHCC Map (JPG - 182.0 KB)

Region 2 Emergency Response Unit

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