State Authorization Disclosures

The U.S. Department of Education requires any institution offering online programs to students who reside outside of its home state to require authorization from the states in which students reside. Regulations vary from state to state and, as such, federal, state, and institutional policies may limit or prohibit Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing’s ability to deliver online education to students in certain states.  

Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is an active member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) and therefore authorized to offer postsecondary distance education to persons residing in member states in accordance with SARA established policies and procedures.

SARA is an agreement among states establishing similar national standards for interstate offering of postsecondary educational courses and programs while maintaining compliance standards with state regulatory agencies. Institutions which participate in SARA can offer postsecondary education without having to seek approval from other states. For further information, please visit the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements website at  https://www.nc-sara.org/about-nc-sara.

  • Student Complaint Information

  • Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing mission is to provide nursing education at the graduate and undergraduate level. We take active steps to provide a positive learning environment and resources to assist in meeting the needs and educational goals of our students.   

    We are here to support our students with any complaints, concerns or problems they may encounter as a student. The College tracks, monitors and evaluates student complaints and appeals in order to make institutional improvements to better serve our students.

    Filing Complaints with SFMCCON

    A student’s first attempt to resolve complaints is through the appropriate channels within the College of Nursing. Online distance education students can seek resolution through following the complaint process.

    Filing Complaints with Illinois State Portal Entity

    If a complaint cannot be resolved internally after using the internal complaint procedure, online distance education students may file a complaint with the Illinois State Portal Entity that has jurisdiction over Student Complaints | NC-SARA.  

    Filing Complaints with Other States

    Online distance education students unable to resolve concerns by the two methods listed above may file a complaint with the State Agency in your state .  

    Filing Complaints with Higher Learning Commission

    The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) will accept complaints related to general practices that may affect accreditation.  For further information regarding the complaint procedure, visit the Higher Learning Commission website or contact them directly at 230 South LaSalle Street, Suite 70-500, Chicago, IL   60604-1411.

  • Professional Licensure

  • Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing offers several programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral levels, both in-seat and online, as well as post graduate certificates, to prepare students for professional licensure in Illinois. There may be additional education requirements or special authorization for professional licensing for states outside of Illinois.

    Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing has made a determination of whether the programs or courses meet the prerequisites for professional licensure in locations for most states outside the state of Illinois.

    See the appropriate links below for a list of States where SFMC CON meets or does not meet educational requirements:

  • Refund Policy

  • Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing will refund tuition and fees according to the policy below, except where superseded by law, to a student who properly withdraws from a class.

  • Impact of Change in Location of Residence

  • Students must contact their advisor to discuss any change in their state of residence prior to relocation. Should a student relocate to a state in which Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is not authorized to provide distance education, continued enrollment cannot be guaranteed.  

    This may also impact the student’s Title IV financial aid eligibility, loan repayment or deferment, and/or veteran’s benefits.   Students should consult with the Student Finance Office to determine impact of a change in location.

  • Adverse Action Information

  • Saint Francis Medical Center has not had any adverse actions taken by state or accrediting agency against the institution related to distance education during the five calendar years prior to year of disclosure.

  • Individual Disclosures

  • Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing will provide individual disclosures to students:

    • Prior to prospective student enrollment – students will acknowledge that Saint Francis Medical Center programs meet licensure requirements for the State of Illinois and will encourage students residing outside of Illinois to contact their state agency for additional licensure requirements.
    • For each enrolled and prospective students – notification of any adverse action initiated by state or accrediting agency with 30 days.
    • For each enrolled and prospective students – notification if Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing learns that a program ceases to meet professional licensure/certification pre-education requirements with 14 days.
  • International Students

  • International students are responsible to understand requirements related to whether an online degree will be recognized in a country other than the United States, whether the program meets licensure or certification requirements in the country; and if the country charges any additional withholdings, taxes or fees affiliated with online distance education programs.