Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing provides a streamlined pathway for the registered nurse to earn a baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN). The program is set up on an 18-month schedule, but qualified students may complete the program and receive their BSN in 14 months. All classes are conducted online.

Graduates of state-approved diploma or associate degree nursing programs may receive 33 semester hours of credit in the nursing major without examination upon satisfactory completion of the specified courses according to College of Nursing policy.

Academic advisement is available at the College of Nursing to assist the student with a plan for advanced placement, transfer of credit and completion of requirements.

Admission Criteria

  1. Evidence of graduation from a high school approved by the State Board of Education or official score report of the G.E.D.
  2. Home schooled applicants should submit the following:
    1. Official copy of the academic record indicating grade point average, a summary of all courses taught by the home school, the title of each course, the grade received, and the name of the instructor.
    2. Official transcripts received through any correspondence school or regional organization that provides the service for home schools.
    3. The Secondary School Report Home School Supplement HS.
  3. Completion of 59 credit hours of required pre-nursing curriculum at a regionally accredited college or university with an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  4. 2.5 GPA for Anatomy and Physiology courses. This requirement is waived for registered nurses.
  5. Required pre-nursing courses must be taken for a letter grade rather than pass/fail or credit/no credit.
  6. Only grades of C or above are accepted for transfer credit.
  7. A total of two courses may be repeated within the past five years. Each course may be repeated only one time.
  8. Courses with a grade of D or lower taken five years or more before the date of application will be disregarded in the calculation of the admission GPA.
  9. Acceptance of College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or Proficiency Examination Program (PEP) credit will be given individual consideration by the Admissions and Progression Committee.
  10. Registered nurses must submit a copy of current license.

Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Admission is competitive and usually the average GPA of the admitted class is significantly higher than the stated minimum of 2.5.


Application Checklist

  1. Application
  2. $50 Application Fee
  3. High School Transcript
  4. Official College Transcripts
  5. Copy of current RN license.

OSF RN to BSN Information (for current Mission Partners)

  1. FAQs_OSF_RN.pdf (PDF - 898.0 KB)
  2. rn_to_bsn_faqs_mp_-final.pdf (PDF - 151.2 KB)
  3. Total Rewards at a Glance - Educational Assistance - MarcomV1-.pdf (PDF - 756.7 KB)
  4. RN to BSN Commitment Form V1.pdf (PDF - 160.3 KB)


The student must complete 59 semester hours of general education and support courses at an accredited college or university of choice prior to enrollment at the College of Nursing. The student also must complete 65 hours of study in the nursing major offered by the College of Nursing.


Upon satisfactory completion of the pre-nursing curriculum, the student may be admitted to the College of Nursing.

For a list of requirements from other pre-nursing colleges, please review our transfer guide.

Course Semester Hours
Humanities 6
Communications 6
Social & Behavioral Sciences 9
Physical & Life Sciences 12
Mathematics 3
General Education Electives 23

RN-BSN Course Requirements

Course Semester Hours
304 - Nursing and Healthcare Ethics 3
310 - Health Assessment 3
317 - Concepts of Professional Nursing
318 - Research for Nursing Practice 3
425 - Promoting Healthy Communities for the RN 5
433 - Experiences in Clinical Nursing-RN 8
434 - Concepts in Nursing Management (RN only online section) 3
436 - Trends and Issues for Professional Nursing for the RN 3
Total 31

Graduates of state-approved diploma or associate degree nursing programs may receive 33 credit hours of credit in the nursing major without examination.

Upon formal acceptance and satisfactory completion of courses, 317 Concepts of Professional Nursing, 310 Health Assessment, and 425 Promoting Health Communities, the registered nurse will be granted credit for the following College of Nursing courses:

Course Semester Hours
312 - Pathophysiology 4
314 - Pharmacological Basis of Nursing Practice 3
324 - Conceptual Basis of Nursing I Theory 4
325 - Conceptual Basis of Nursing I Clinical 2
330 - Conceptual Basis of Nursing II Theory 5
331 - Conceptual Basis of Nursing II Clinical 5
426 - Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Theory 5
427 - Conceptual Basis of Nursing III Clinical 5
Total Courses 33
Total Credit Hours 123

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