Family Nurse Practitioner

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The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) provides disease management, health promotion and health education. The FNP manages and treats individuals with acute and chronic illnesses in settings such as clinics, outpatient offices and more.

The Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is recognized nationally as providing a Top FNP Program.

The FNP certificate curriculum focuses on giving comprehensive wellness and illness care to individuals of all ages and is designed for nurses who already hold a master’s degree in nursing. 

The online FNP program does require the student to come to campus one time per semester during the three practicum courses to learn “hands on” skills. Other clinical experiences can be completed in the student’s home area.

Students will be prepared to assume advanced leadership roles for the targeted populations, and they will be eligible to take the certification exam.

Benefits of an FNP Post Graduate Certificate


First Year

Course Semester
509 - Advanced Health Assessment, Clinical Reasoning, and Diagnosis Across the Lifespan Fall
519 - Advanced Pathophysiology Across the Life Span Fall
529 - Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics Across the Life Span Spring
511 – Differential Diagnosis Spring
512 - Roles & Issues in Advanced Practice Nursing Summer

Second Year

Course Semester
556 - Family Health Mangement II Fall
707 - Principles of Epidemiology & Health Promotion in Advanced Nursing Practice Fall
557 - Family Health Mangement III Spring

Third Year

Course Semester
555 - Family Health Management I Fall
642 - FNP Practicum IV Spring