OSF St. Mary Medical Center

Galesburg, Illinois

Quality Leadership

OSF St. Mary Recognized as a Quality Leader

OSF St. Mary Medical Center has embraced the concept of publicly reporting efforts to reduce medical errors. A January 2015 survey conducted by the Leapfrog Group asked hospitals to report progress in meeting four "leaps" to better patient safety. Those leaps are:

  • A computerized order entry system to enter patient prescriptions and other orders into computers linked to error prevention software.
  • Hospital critical care units staffed with critical care specialists.
  • Patient outcomes related to selected high-risk procedures.
  • Efforts taken to enact the 27 safe practice recommendations of the National Quality Forum.

"Leapfrog provides an objective assessment of actions that hospitals are taking to become safer," said Carol Wilhoit, MD, medical director, HMO Illinois. "As health plans move towards rewarding performance, objective measures such as Leapfrog become more important."

The Leapfrog Group's mission is to trigger giant leaps forward in the safety, quality and affordability of healthcare. Large private and public sector health benefits purchasers representing more than 36 million enrollees are part of the Leapfrog Group. Members include DaimlerChrysler Corporation, Honeywell Inc., United Parcel Service and the American Federation of Teachers.

"At OSF Healthcare System, we believe it is a natural extension of our Mission to serve others that we share information concerning the steps we are taking to improve the quality of care we provide with the public," said Dr. Youssi. "Transparency in our programs is vital to maintaining the public's trust in our care."

MBGH represents more than 65 employers who provide coverage for approximately 800,000 lives. It leads the Leapfrog Group's efforts to promote quality and safe practices in Illinois.