The Tale of the Tape Americans weigh more now than ever before. Latest reports say that more than half of us are overweight or obese. How did we get that way? More importantly, how can we change? Learn More

Shedding Those Extra Pounds

If it was easy to do alone, more than half of Americans wouldn’t be overweight.

Join our weight loss teams and partner with the experts:  dietitians, nurses, exercise specialists and yes, even surgeons if that is your best option.

You’ll look better, feel better, and dramatically cut your risk of serious illness (everything from heart disease to cancer). Together we’ll help you change your eating, exercising, and thinking to lead a healthier, happier life. 


Health Management Resources (HMR)

Health Management Resources (HMR) is a national program that has been helping people lose weight for over 30 years. HMR® offers a variety of diet options appropriate for anyone wanting to lose 10 - 200 or more pounds.  All clinic programs include weekly classes with individual coaching and on-going maintenance support.

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