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The OSF Comprehensive Epilepsy Program provides consultation, diagnostics, treatment, and education to people with known or possible epilepsy. Established in 1995, the program has treated patients from 29 counties in Illinois. The physicians include specialists in neurology, epilepsy, neuroradiology, neuropsychology and neurosurgery.

The treatment program for epilepsy includes an EEG department that performs both inpatient and outpatient EEGs and video EEGs. Once physicians interpret the test results, they will prepare a treatment plan. Each patient is closely monitored to determine the effectiveness of the plan. If medications cannot control a patient's seizures, then surgery may be indicated. The program has a variety of surgical techniques to stop or reduce seizures.

Appointments are made through provider referral only.  Throughout the referring communities, the physicians also provide ongoing consultation with the primary care and other referring physicians.

For more information please call (309) 624-9844 , weekdays from 9 am - 5 pm. Fax: (309) 624-8884.