Administrative Assistants

Photo Name Title Contact
Angela Kautz Angela Kautz Executive Secretary Email
Roahrig_Nicole.png Nicole Roahrig, BS Administrative Secretary Email


Photo Name Title Contact
kimberly-buffington.jpg Kimberly Buffington Undergraduate Admissions Assistant Email
Craig_Vicki.jpg Vicki Craig Graduate Admissions Assistant Email

Ried Morrell

Professional Recruiter Email
Donna Neff

Donna Neff

Registrar Email
zangara_sam.png Sam Zangara, BA Professional Recruiter Email

Professional Staff

Photo Name Title Contact
Dennis_Thomas.png Thomas Dennis College and Medical Center Librarian Email
Hudak_Melissa.png Melissa Hudak Coordinator Medical Library Email
Kepler_jeffrey.png Jeff Kepler, MS Instructional Design and Technology Specialist Email
Bill-Komanecki-small.jpg Bill Komanecki, MLIS Librarian Email
larson_jennifer.jpg Jenny Larson, MS Analytics Analyst Email
nimtz_katherine.png Katie Nimtz, LPC College Counselor Email
Wagner_Kaylee.jpg Kaylee Wagner Library Technician  Email
wood_marie.png Marie Wood College and Medical Center Librarian Email

Student Finance

Photo Name Title Contact
Cordes_M.png Michaela Cordes Assistant, Student Finance Email
evans.jpg Alice Evans, BS Coordinator of Student Accounts and Business Services Email
  Sandra Gourley Assistant, Student Accounts Email
perryman.jpg Nancy Perryman, BS Coordinator of Student Finance Email

Support Staff

Photo Name Title Contact
murali.jpg Carlene Murali, AAS College Support Representative Email
zaluska.jpg Elizabeth Zaluska, BS College Support Representative Email