OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Bloomington, Illinois

Community Health

What is a Community Health Needs Assessment?

As part of the new requirements for not-for-profit hospitals, every facility is required to conduct a Community Health Needs Assessment every three years and put together a plan to meet the community needs that the assessment identifies.

Every community has different health care needs, including diabetes management, obesity and weight loss management, chronic illness, substance abuse, sexual health, and more.

That's why our assessment team pulls together a broad set of health care consumers from each service area to help us identify the health needs of each individual community.

2013 Community Health Assessment Report

OSF St. Joseph Medical Center currently has six areas of focus as a result of the 2013 survey and report:

  • Mental Health
  • Risky Behaviors—Substance Abuse
  • Access to Health Services
  • Dental
  • Obesity
  • Healthy Behaviors

Results of that assessment were used to develop or expand programs and services available to area residents. Examples of those activities:

  • Provided community education in multiple venues related to mental health and stress management.
  • Collaborated with local organizations to produce a video and educational material aimed at discouraging underage drinking and distributed to local schools for use in classroom settings.
  • Established an ED Navigator position to assist patients who frequently visit the emergency department in connecting to resources in the community that can help proactively manage health issues.
  • Created community garden on the hospital campus and partnered with Home Sweet Home Ministries for distribution of nearly 500 pounds of produce through the Bread for Life co-op.
  • Purchased and obtained donations of pediatric toothbrushes for distribution through primary care offices.
  • Offered smoking cessation programs in partnership with community organizations.