OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Bloomington, Illinois

Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with OSF St. Joseph Medical Center! We have a diverse, trained group who selflessly devote thousands of hours each year to support the hospital staff and our patients and families. Please consider joining us.

Adult Volunteer Opportunities

  • Karing Partners - Registered Therapy Dogs and their owners bring such comfort and smiles to our patients and are some of the most popular visitors! If your dog is registered, or you would like to learn more, please contact us at 309-665-4788.
  • Transport Services - Transport Services volunteers escort our visitors to where they need to go within the walls of OSF St. Joseph Medical Center.
  • Fidget blankets for patients (requires some sewing) - Fabric kits and small items to attach for the activities are provided to make this well received activity mat for our confused, dementia or stroke patients.
  • OSF MyChart at the Bedside Navigator - The volunteer will assist the patient with accessing their medical chart, their care team information, and other important functions on a tablet set up just for them.
  • Stroke Education Assistants - These volunteers interact with stroke patients and their families, assisting them with stroke videos and education about their care plans.
  • Emergency Department Volunteer - This opportunity is especially suited for anyone wanting to learn more about emergency or trauma services. This position requires one, 3-4 hour shift per week with some shift flexibility.
  • Guest Services Receptionists - Guest Services Receptionists are the friendly ambassadors of OSF St. Joseph Medical Center who welcome all guests, answer phones, dispatch transporters, help people find their way and do a myriad of multitasking.
  • Music Volunteers - Music provides soothing comfort to patients and staff. Volunteers play various instruments such as piano, violin, and guitar for patients on various units. A movable, digital keyboard is provided.
  • Hospitality Cart - Visit patients offering them snacks or activities from a hospitality cart
  • Water Distribution - Offering patients fresh water

Junior Volunteer Opportunities

  • Surgi-Center - Junior Volunteers in the Surgi-Center provide refreshments to patients and visitors, stock supplies, run errands, and help to discharge patients. This position requires a self-directed, outgoing, and responsible person.
  • OSF PromptCare - OSF PromptCare volunteers assist with data entry, check expired medications, make packets for the manager, and complete some clinical tasks such as preparing collection cups and counting sample medications.
  • Occupational Health - Data entry skills are needed for Junior Volunteers in Occupational Health. These volunteers check expired medications, file patient charts, and complete some clinical tasks.
  • Transport/Patient Escort - Junior Volunteers who are Transport/Patient Escorts personally direct patients and visitors throughout the hospital; discharge patients using wheelchairs; and deliver meals, flowers, and mail. You must have an outgoing personality and the ability to push wheelchairs.
  • Birthing Center - Birthing Center Junior Volunteers support staff by handling the security desk duties and greeting visitors to the unit. They also assist with refilling water for patients, picking up trays, and assembling packets.
  • Family Care Center - The Junior Volunteers in the Family Care Center help pass out water, obtain warm blankets for patients, visit with patients in their rooms, and assist patients with the Get Well Network.
  • Reception Desk Attendant - Reception Desk Attendants greet visitors and patients, escort them to the unit or department where they need to go, answer questions for visitors, and push individuals in wheelchairs.
  • Campus Beautification Project - These Junior Volunteers will work with our landscape engineer to help make the outdoor spaces more inviting and attractive.

Become a Volunteer

Join our adult or junior volunteer programs by filling out our online forms.