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Approximately one in five Americans suffer from hearing loss, ranging from very mild to profound loss, and at least a third of them are 65 and older.

OSF Audiology provides a variety of services and hearing solutions to patients of all ages. Audiology is the medical specialty identifies, diagnoses, treats, and monitors the auditory (hearing) and vestibular (balance) portions of the ear.

Staffed by licensed clinical audiologists, OSF Audiology offers testing and rehabilitation services to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating patients with hearing and balance disorders.

Our audiologists will communicate with your primary health care provider and other specialists to help facilitate management of your hearing and balance treatment. Patients who use hearing aids are provided with an array of digital hearing aid options to suit their personal preferences.


An audiologist is available to evaluate people of all ages, from infants to seniors. For older children and adults, the audiologist will ask about your hearing health history and then perform a series of diagnostic tests. The results will be compiled, and the audiologist will assess the extent of hearing loss, if any, as well as balance and related disorders. 

If the audiologist determines you are experiencing hearing loss or a balance disorder, treatment will be recommended. Our audiology staff is committed to identifying the most appropriate treatment, which may not always be a hearing aid.

  • Newborn Hearing Screening - Most newborns receive their hearing screening while they are still at the hospital. However, if your newborn failed part of his/her screening, or you did not have it performed at the hospital, we offer the newborn hearing screening in our offices.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow Up - Our audiologists help patients find the right hearing aids for their hearing loss. They take the time to review proper care and use to aid in the acclimatization process.
  • Trial Period - Hearing aids are dispensed with a six-week trial period. Your audiologist will work with you to help maximize your communication with your hearing aids. Returned hearing aids are eligible for refunds if you are not satisfied.
  • Assistive Listening Devices - OSF Audiology offers a complete range of amplification and assistive listening devices, and our staff will work with you to ensure you receive the right device. In addition, our staff will show you how to use and care for your amplification device.
  • Hearing Protection - Our audiologists can recommend and dispense custom noise and musician plugs.
  • Custom Ear molds for Swim Plugs and Music Devices - Our audiologists can recommend and dispense custom swim plugs for people with tubes or perforated eardrums (hole in eardrum).

Appointment Information

Please obtain a referral from your primary care provider.

Please bring any hearing devices you currently have with you to your first appointment.

Meet Our Team

Anna Taravella, MS, CCC-A

Anna received a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa, and completed a master’s degree from Illinois State University. Anna is a licensed audiologist and holds a certificate of clinical competence in audiology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Casey Sepich, AuD, CCC-A

Casey received a Bachelor of Science degree in communicative disorders and psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Casey’s clinical doctorate of audiology was completed at Illinois State University and she completed her clinical residency with Southern Illinois School of Medicine and Decatur Memorial Hospital.

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