OSF Little Company of Mary Medical Center

Evergreen Park, Illinois

Reduced Radiation Offerings

Patient receiving a CT scan Radiation remains to be the most highly effective form used in diagnostic imaging to screen individuals.  OSF Little Company of Mary takes great pride in offering advanced diagnostic imaging technology and radiation therapy  options. 

Additionally, we are committed to offering these tools under highly stringent safety protocols to provide the most minimal radiation dose in every procedure in order to safely screen a patient effectively.

Your care is our greatest priority and through a Radiation Safety Committee, Little company of Mary regularly reviews procedures to minimize radiation dosage levels while simultaneously effectively screening for or treating your illness.

OSF Little Company of Mary follows strict protocol for reduced radiation through a multi-tiered system, which includes:


LCM thoroughly trains staff technologists, these technologists follow strict policies to confirm patient identity and appropriateness of the exam.


Detailed descriptions of how an exam is conducted are pre-saved into the equipment's computer system. These settings are designed by specialists in that field to ensure best images are achievable with the lowest dose possible.


Diagnostic imaging equipment is replaced at regular intervals. Currently, the CT department is equipped with two new 64 slice units that provide the gold standard in imaging technologies and dose savings.

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