OSF Medical Group

Anticoagulation Clinic

Blood platelets The OSF Medical Group anticoagulation management program has been developed to provide individualized care and education to patients receiving anticoagulant therapy. 

A doctor's referral is needed for an appointment at the clinic. OSF Medical Group patients are eligible to be seen at the anticoagulation clinic if their anticoagulation medication is adjusted by their primary care doctor. 

Patients who are cared for at the clinic receive anticoagulation education, testing, and ongoing care management. 

In addition, the clinic staff teaches patients and their family members the importance of follow-up monitoring, compliance issues, dietary considerations, the potential for adverse drug reactions and interactions, and how to recognize potential emergency situations related to anticoagulation therapy. 


If you would like to make an appointment with the OSF Medical Group Anticoagulation Clinic, please contact your doctor's office to obtain a referral.