Advance Care Planning

Studies show that patients who have advance care planning have less anxiety and fear and are comforted knowing their physician has an understanding of their health care decisions.

Accidents and serious illness can occur at any time.
Thinking about what type of care you would want in an end-of-life situation is often difficult.  Advance care planning is a way for you to discuss the kind of medical care you want with your family and the person you name as your decision-maker or Power of Attorney for Health Care agent.

Three Reasons to Participate in Advance Care Planning

  1. Mother & Daughter Walking in Field It includes everyone.
    Advance care planning is an opportunity to have a conversation with your physician, care providers, family members and other loved ones – anyone who you feel needs to be there.

    This is a time to discuss your treatment options and the decisions you make so that everyone is on the same page.
  2. Know what is going on – now.
    Advance care planning helps give you and your family information about your current state of health and what treatment decisions you may need to make in the future.
  3. Things change. Your plan can, too.
    Advance directives can be revisited and revised at any time.

OSF HealthCare is Here for You

OSF Supportive Care offers OSF Care Decisions, a process by which you and your family work with a trained facilitator to address decisions that affect your personal health.

This service is offered to those who use OSF HealthCare and all OSF HealthCare employees – for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Us

If you would like advance care planning and have an OSF Medical Group physician, please contact that office and communicate your request. If you are a patient who does not have an OSF Medical Group physician, but uses the services of an OSF hospital, please call (844) 673-2778 to talk to somebody who can help arrange advance care planning for you.

If you would like advance care planning and do not use OSF HealthCare services (physician and/or hospital), please contact Patient Relations at your hospital and request this service.