OSF Medical Group

Critical Care Medicine

The highest quality of care when time is crucial

During rounds, the multi-disciplinary medical team  creates a plan of care focusing on the clinical, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of the patient.

Our critical care physicians will guide and coordinate all aspects of your care.  They place great emphasis on the needs and expectations of the families.

This is achieved through good communication between the medical team and the family, along with additional support offered by the OSF HealthCare Pastoral Care and Social Services departments.

There is also ongoing communication between the critical care team and the primary care physician, as well as other consultants and allied medical professionals involved in the care of the care patient.

Intensivists are gold standard for critical care

The care of each critical care patient is carefully and closely managed by a team of intensivists (critical care physicians). Each member of the intensivist team practices cutting edge medicine, which is evidence based, keeping in line with national guidelines.

OSF ConstantCare

OSF HealthCare is offering additional support to hospital staff and patients across the system in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of the critical care we provide.

With OSF ConstantCare, our electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU) service, our expert critical care team uses computers and video cameras to monitor patients' information and respond quickly to avoid a crisis.

This service enables 24/7 access to critical care expertise where and when it is needed. Should an emergency occur, the eICU physician is there to guide medical staff through the emergency until the local on-call physician can respond.