OSF Medical Group


Doctor performing thyroid ultrasound OSF Medical Group - Endocrinology works side-by-side with the OSF Diabetes Care team.

They see and treat a wide variety of endocrinology concerns including thyroid disorders, growth disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pituitary tumors, obesity and osteoporosis.


In addition to endocrinology, the team also sees patients with other diabetes related disorders.

Our registered dieticians are trained to counsel patients on other nutrition-related concerns including, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, food allergies and gastrointestinal conditions and diseases.

To help you manage your endocrine related disorder, or diabetes, we evaluate your needs and offer a plan tailored to your individual unique lifestyle.

Some of our comprehensive services include:

  • Diabetes care and management
  • Endocrinology care and management
  • Physician consultation
  • Medication management
  • Insulin pump therapy
  • Self-care and self-management
  • Individual education
  • Group educational classes

We Are Committed to Improving Your Quality of Life

Our distinctive program combines the resources of OSF HealthCare with the expertise of our endocrinologists and dedicated diabetes centers to provide patients with the most complete endocrinology and diabetes care in the area. 

In addition to excellent clinical care, the patients who come to OSF Medical Group receive the most up-to-date information on diabetes self-management through a variety of classes taught by certified diabetes educators.

Each OSF Medical Group – Endocrinology patient has a primary care physician to manage his or her general health concerns so that all time spent with the team is targeted exclusively towards achieving the ultimate level of diabetes control.

Appointment Information


Our offices require a referral to make sure we can receive records. This helps to ensure a thorough office visit and future appointments or tests. This will also allow our care teams to provide thorough care as well.

Age Guidelines

Our doctors only see patients that are 18 years of age and older.

What to Bring

Make sure to bring your updated insurance card, any payments or co-payments, and a photo ID to help us verify your identity and protect your privacy. Also make sure to bring a list of current medications you are currently taking in their original bottles.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment for any reason, please provide us with 24-hour notice. Failure to show for three (3) appointments, without calling to cancel or reschedule, may result in discharge from our office.