OSF Medical Group

High Acuity Care Clinic

The High Acuity Care Clinic provides individualized care and education to patients experiencing any of the following conditions:

A doctor's referral is needed for an appointment at the clinic. OSF Medical Group patients are eligible to be seen at the High Acuity Care Clinic if their primary care provider determines they need an advanced level of care – higher than what can be provided in the office or at an urgent care clinic, but not the level requiring hospital admission or observation in an emergency department.

Patients who are cared for at the clinic may be treated and observed for a span of up to four hours with the goal of reversing the urgent need and stabilizing them before sending them back home.

In addition, the clinic staff teaches patients and their family members the importance of follow-up monitoring, compliance issues, dietary considerations, the potential for adverse drug reactions and interactions, and how to recognize potential emergency situations related to their chronic condition. 


Your doctor’s office may refer you to the High Acuity Care Clinic to manage the acute exacerbation of your chronic condition. Your doctor will determine if you are eligible for a referral to the clinic.


Practice Name Address City Phone Today's Hours
8600 Illinois Route 91 Peoria (309) 655-2431

8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Open again today at 8:00 AM

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