Doctor of Nursing Practice - Leadership (DNP-L)

Jo Garrison Video The DNP Leadership option (DNP-L) is designed as a post-master’s doctorate degree and consists of 40 credit hours.

The DNP-L prepares leaders to expand their knowledge and abilities to influence and positively impact nursing interventions, health care organizations, outcomes, health practices and policy.

The curriculum, through each of the courses and learning outcomes, has an emphasis on safe practice with the expectation that the student uses research, evidence-based practice, analysis, and critical thinking for decision making.

The successful achievement of the learning activities, projects, discussions, presentations, DNP Project, and residency prepares the student to achieve the program outcomes for decision making and safe, competent practice as a leader in a variety of diverse and contemporary health care environments.


First Year

Course Semester
707 - Principles of Epidemiology & Health Promotion in Advanced Nursing Practice Fall
710 - Biostatistics Fall
726 - Analysis of Evidence-Based Practice Spring
759 - Information Systems & Technology for Transformation of Health Care Spring
815 -  Organizational Management & Leadership in Health Care Systems Summer

Second Year

Course Semester
736 – Translation of Evidence into Practice Fall
740 - Impact of Ethics & Law on the Role of the DNP Fall
765 - Health Care Policy and Financial Management Spring
745 - Managing Human Capital Spring
834.1 - DNP Project I Summer

Third Year

Course Semester
834.2 - DNP Project II Fall
834.3 – DNP Project III Spring
838 - DNP-L Residency Spring