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Escanaba, Michigan

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Patient receiving MRI scan MRI is a way of looking at disease process without the use of radiation.

Instead, it uses radio waves to provide images that give excellent anatomical detail and reflect changes in tissue chemistry.


Contrast material may be given by intravenous injection, but generally there are no dietary restrictions and all medication may be taken without interference.

The Procedure

During the exam, patients lie on a table in a strong magnetic field while a computer collects the information used to create images.

Length of the Procedure

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.

Patients should arrive at the registration desk at the front of the hospital approximately 30 minutes prior to their scheduled exam to register.

Some patients may require sedation for the procedure. If this is necessary, special arrangements will be made by your referring physician prior to your visit.

Special Notes

People with pacemakers should not visit the MRI site.

Those who are pregnant, have aneurysm clips in the vessels of the brain, or have artificial heart valves should have their physician's office inform the department at the time of scheduling to determine if it is safe and possible to have an MRI exam.