OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center

Urbana, Illinois


OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center maintains policies, procedures and ongoing staff training to ensure the safety and security of its patients and mission partners.

Emergency Department

Our Emergency Department is a lock-down facility with private patient rooms that are accessible by physicians and staff, along with patients and family members who are escorted by an authorized staff member.

Birthing Center

Our Blessed Beginnings Birthing Center features an electronic security system that ensures all new babies are safe during their hospital stay.

Alarm tags are placed on infants when they are born allowing for continuous monitoring of the baby until they are discharged.

Our unit is locked and visitors are required to identify themselves for permission to enter and exit the unit. During the evening after 8 p.m., visitors must enter through the Emergency Department.

Disaster Planning

OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center conducts routine trainings to prepare for various emergency situations that may occur within the facility.

The hospital is also part of a county-wide emergency operations committee that conducts routine trainings to prepare for potential county-wide situations.