OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center

Urbana, Illinois

University Internship Program

Unpaid internships are available for students in curriculum that require an internship for course credit.  Students participate as part of a class or independent study assignment and work in a specific department.

The typical assignment is 8-20 hours per week for the duration of the 16-week semester. 

All interns are required to attend an orientation program.

For more information, please call us at (217) 337-2378, or email us at HMMC.VolunteerServices@osfhealthcare.org.

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Application Deadlines

Semester Deadline
Summer April 1, 2022
Fall April 1, 2022
Spring October 31, 2022


Clinical Department Opportunities 

  • Alternative Birthing Center*
  • Ambulatory Care/PACU/Endoscopy
  • Cardio/Pulmonary Rehab 
  • Clinical Education
  • Critical Care Unit/Emergency Services Dept.
  • Inpatient Pharmacy
  • Outpatient Pharmacy 
  • Rehabilitation Therapy Services

*Departments are regional and will have the opportunity to work not only in Urbana but also travel to Danville and spend time at OSF HealthCare there. Internships are available in more than 25 departments. Opportunities are subject to change. 

Detailed descriptions provided for each area outlined below.


  • Alternative Birthing Center*

  • Students will have the opportunity to experience the daily operations of a hospital department. You will work with the director on a variety of projects. Projects have included education information or displays for staff and patients, data collection, statistical information, clerical duties, analysis of information collected, process improvement projects.

    You are invited to participate in meetings and observe patient care. Excellent skills with excel, publisher and word will be helpful.

  • Ambulatory Surgery/PACU/Endoscopy

  • Students in this internship will be working with the nurse leader of three outpatient surgical and diagnostic areas. Special projects can be assigned and coordinated in these areas.

    Students with an interest and focus in clinical areas will enjoy the challenge and learning opportunities available working with the professional administrative and clinical staff in these departments.

  • Cardio/Pulmonary Rehab

  • As an intern in  Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation , you would learn the basics of running an Outpatient Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab program. Interns would be required to learn and assist in obtaining subjective and objective information from participants, i.e. blood pressures, pulse rates. Interns would also be involved in assisting with education components of cardiac rehab.

    We require the intern to demonstrate knowledge on a relative cardiac and/or pulmonary topic using our bulletin board. They will be exposed to inpatient cardiac rehab, stress testing and a variety of other outreach opportunities in the community.

    Exposure to patients recovering from a variety of cardiac conditions (open heart surgery, heart attack, angioplasty/stenting) and those dealing with chronic pulmonary diseases is also possible. They would also be trained to actively staff our Community Fitness Program.

  • Clinical Education

  • Clinical Education department will be offering a variety of learning opportunities for student interns. Interns may assist in research, data collection, data entry, and development of continuing education for staff in these areas. We are looking for someone who personable, assertive and has the ability to present information in a clear, interesting manner. This includes not only staff education but audits and development/revision of policies, procedures and documentation formations.

    Computer skills in Word, PowerPoint and Excel preferred. This internship is flexible and the intern can decide what projects that are interested in focusing on. There is some organization, filing and data entry involved. Skills days are a quarterly event in which clinical Mission Partners come and practice skills. The intern has the opportunity to help development, planning, and implementation of the Skills Days.

  • Community Health & Resource Center

  • An internship here offers valuable experience in the areas of health, wellness, and human service.  We provide outreach, support, and resources for people of all ages and backgrounds. This intern will gain experience collaborating with other community partners, attending meetings, and strategic planning to meet our identified community needs. The Community Resource Center (CRC) provides help for community members seeking services that don't have medical emergencies, but don't know where else to go. We help connect clients to an array of social services/programs available throughout the local community. 

  • Critical Care Services & Emergency Services Department

  • Critical Care Services, which includes the Critical Care Unit, Emergency Services, and Respiratory Care Services, offers a variety of learning opportunities for student interns. Interns may assist in data collection, data entry, quality and process improvement, employee tracking, audits for compliance, meeting coordination and meeting minutes, and the development of continuing education for staff in critical care.

    The intern may be assigned projects to assist Critical Care leadership. As with any inpatient unit of the hospital, Critical Care must meet the Joint Commission standards, this may include staff education, development/revision of policies, procedures and documentation/forms.

    The intern must be fluent in computer skills, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel. There is organization, filing, and data entry involved. The intern must be flexible and have the ability to manage multiple projects and tasks simultaneously.

  • In-patient Pharmacy Department (Pre-Pharmacy majors only)

  • As an intern in the Pharmacy Department, you will learn the daily operations of medication delivery in the hospital. Interns will assist with medication and patient safety initiatives, quality and process improvement, and development of education for the department, hospital staff, and patients. The Intern will also be able to assist with compliance with regulatory standards (The Joint Commission, USP 797, etc).

    Interns will participate in department and hospital meetings and have opportunities for patient education. Interns will be required to obtain a pharmacy technician license through the State of IL ($40 fee).

  • Out Patient Pharmacy (Pre-Pharmacy majors only)

  • As part of working in the Pharmacy as an Intern you will fulfill all the tasks for which a pharmacy technician is licensed.  Before beginning the internship you must apply for a pharmacy technician license with the State of Illinois ($40 filing fee).

    You will gain experience through receiving, interpreting, and filling new prescriptions, refilling existing prescriptions, checking in supplier orders, maintaining drug storage areas, delivering prescriptions to patient rooms, helping customers complete purchases, and other tasks as needed and assigned. This position is intended for pre-pharmacy students.

  • Rehabilitation Therapy Services (OT/PT majors only)

  • As part of the internship process in this department you will be learning about a variety of therapy disciplines including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Rehab Nursing. You will have opportunities to complete projects with our interdisciplinary team. You will engage in special projects for our inpatient Acute Rehabilitation Unit and our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department.

    These activities may include developing educational materials, handouts, presentations, and attending events. Other common tasks include data entry, filing, copying, faxing, answering phones researching data, and assisting with department training. Please note that this opportunity is not school-required observation hours or clinical rotations/fieldwork for therapy disciplines or nursing, but is a separate internship opportunity.

Non-Clinical Department Opportunities

  • Community Benefit Health Integration*
  • Faith in Action
  • Foundation
  • Language Services*
  • Marketing*
  • Multiple-Support Regional Director’s Internship*
  • Senior Support Services
  • Volunteer Service

*Departments are regional and will have the opportunity to work not only in Urbana but also travel to Danville and spend time at OSF HealthCare there. Internships are available in more than 25 departments. Opportunities are subject to change. 

Detailed descriptions provided for each area outlined below.


  • Community Benefit Health Integration*

  • Every hospital is held accountable by the government to record and show involvement to the community. There are certain forms/programs that help with these types of procedures. Interns will get hands on experience with software that helps keep track and report community missions/charity.

    Aside from the office duties, there will be many chances to observe what goes on in other departments in the hospital; as well as meeting with organizations like Eastern Illinois Foodbank, outside of the hospital, that have become partners through fusing together to benefit the community.

  • Faith in Action

  • Faith in Action provides help to seniors 55 years and better in Champaign County. We are a network of volunteers providing practical, emotional, and spiritual assistance for seniors so they can live a safe and independent lifestyle.  Volunteer activities include assistance with shopping/errands, health education and exercise classes, home and telephone visits, seasonal events, SHIP/Medicare assistance, social events, temporary relief for caregivers, and transportation to medical appointments.

    Student interns will gain an in-depth understanding of the continuum of care for senior adults.  Activities may include help with the day to day operations in the office and in the field assessing seniors and assisting with special projects, volunteer recruitment, and research.

  • Foundation

  • Join our Development Team and have the opportunity to work directly with our Mission Partners in the Foundation to advance the mission of OSF HealthCare through philanthropy. In this position, you will be a part of event preparations for our annual Golf Outing, It’s All In the Jeans Day Campaign, and the Annual Celebration Gala and assist in efforts related to donor strategies, such as annual appeals, campaigns, memorial tributes, and Mission Partner Giving events sponsored by the Foundation.

    You will work with our Strategic Philanthropy Officer and Donor Relations Coordinator to advance these strategies. Important skills required include ability to work independently, a self-starter, display leadership and interpersonal skills, Microsoft Office proficient and experience with fundraising database applications such as Raiser’s Edge.

  • Language Services*

  • Students will work with Language Services Supervisor, in the hospital. Duties will vary, depending on patient and hospital needs, but may include visiting and speaking to non-English speaking in-patients; interpreting; translation, community projects, emergency access task force, attending Health Fair, Community meetings, helping non-English speaking or underserved families with child-care and other support tasks.

    The most current Languages spoken at the hospital are: Spanish, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Arabic.

  • Marketing (Position prefers a Business/Marketing/Communications Major)*

  • The marketing intern will assist the Marketing Department and the business unit in strategic implementation of strategic marketing plans. This includes, but is not limited to collateral development, community engagement, advertising, website management, event planning, and additional aspects of the marketing mix.

    They will have a special, long-term project that will last the duration of the internship and may include research, target audience profiling, or other. This position will be an integral component to day-to-day marketing operations and tactical deployment.

  • Multiple-Support Regional Director’s Internship (MSRD)

  • An MSRD intern will provide support to many departments including; Faith in Action, Gift Shop, Senior Support Services, and Volunteer Services. Duties and projects will vary depending on the need of each department and community outreach programs.

    You will work with the Director who oversees all 4 departments in Urbana and Danville, IL.

  • Senior Support Services

  • An internship here offers valuable experience in the areas of health, wellness, and human service, with a special focus on the senior population. You will work within a faith-based community hospital, through various assignments which are flexible.

    You will be assisting with health and wellness programs, writing newspaper and newsletter articles, creating presentations, and other projects that involve marketing and public relations. Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP), and Social Seniors Discount Card program, helping plan and implement social and educational events.

  • Volunteer Services

  • An intern will provide support to many departments including; Volunteer Services, Gift Shop, and Senior Services. Duties and projects will vary depending on the need of each department and community outreach programs. You will work with the Manager who oversees all departments in Urbana.

    Interns will also be working with all hospital volunteer staff in a “Human Resource” environment.  Interns will assist in conducting interviews for volunteer & intern candidates; assist with orientation, training, and recognition.