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Peoria, Illinois

Hypertension Center

Is your high blood pressure difficult to control?

If your hypertension is not managed with a healthy diet and medication the OSF Saint Francis Hypertension Center is here for you. With four specialized physicians, we can work with your doctor to help care for high blood pressure and resistant hypertension.

As the only hypertension center of its kind in the area, OSF Saint Francis Hypertension Center provides you with the information and help you need to manage your hypertension.

To request an appointment with one of our Hypertension Specialists, call us at (309) 676-8123


Our goal at the OSF Saint Francis Hypertension Center is to get your hypertension under control.

What is the Hypertension Center?

The OSF Saint Francis Hypertension Center, a joint venture between OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and RenalCare Associates in Peoria helps diagnose and treat patients who have resistant hypertension. The Center is run by a team of nephrologists on staff at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center.

Why Choose the OSF Saint Francis Hypertension Center?

We offer four nephrology physicians who are certified by the American Society of Hypertension in the diagnosis and care of resistant hypertension.  

What to Expect During Your Visit

Your initial visit to the OSF Saint Francis Hypertension Center will be to our office within the RenalCare Associates office in Peoria, Illinois

During your initial visit, you might receive:

  • Lab work
  • Renal Artery Duplex
  • Echocardiogram
  • Blood Pressure Monitoring
  • Physician Consultation

Facts About Hypertension

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the cause of 5-7% of all ED admissions in the United States.

  • Hypertension is the second most frequent reason people come in to see their doctor.
  • 25-30% of adults have hypertension. Of these, 10-15% have resistant hypertension.
  • Resistant hypertension is defined as blood pressure that remains above goal despite concurrent use of three antihypertensive medications (at their maximum doses). In essence, it is considered “resistant” because the patient and physician are not able to keep the blood pressure controlled.

Treatment Options

  • Educational Materials

  • Medication Management
    • If it is determined that you have resistant hypertension, we will work with you on finding the right medication and the right dose to get your hypertension under control. This may require several office visits. Once your medication is under control, we will schedule monitoring appointments.
  • Procedure Work
    • Sometimes patients will require additional procedures in order to get their hypertension under control. 
  • Other Treatment Options

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