Survivorship encompasses the entire cancer journey, from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. OSF HealthCare will integrate medical treatment with the wellness services you need.

We are committed to a comprehensive, coordinated approach to meeting post-treatment care.

Our goal is to provide specialized long-term follow-up care for cancer survivors and, in the process, develop a critical resource for research in cancer survivorship.

Life takes on a whole new meaning when someone we know and love is diagnosed with cancer.

In addition to the physical effects of the disease, cancer creates countless social and emotional effects that resonate throughout various aspects of life - and the lives of families, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.

What We Offer

OSF HealthCare offers:


Renowned oncologists and experts from across the country present relevant and important information to those touched by cancer. 

These education programs are designed to empower and equip you with the knowledge to help you make appropriate decisions affecting your health, economic status and family.

Information, Assistance and Referral

A cancer diagnosis comes with many questions.

People facing cancer are often challenged with finding answers to their treatment, employment, and even their finances.

Social Connectedness

Having someone who truly understands the fear and challenges of a cancer diagnosis is vital to strengthening and sustaining you through your cancer journey.

We provide opportunities to interact with other survivors and ensure that no one faces cancer alone.


Hearing the stories of other cancer survivors can provide encouragement for you.

Support groups led by licensed therapists are offered to patients, family members, caregivers, young adults (18-39 years old) and youth whose parents are battling cancer.


Based on the belief that mind and body connectedness improves physical outcomes, our wellness programs aim to strengthen your mind and your body.


During a cancer diagnosis, the role of good nutrition is to support positive symptom management and maintenance of immune health throughout treatment.

Our registered dietitians can identify individual strategies to maintain good nutrition and meet your specific dietary needs during and after cancer therapy.

Psychosocial Care

Our oncology counselors are trained professionals who respond to people's psychological and social stresses with cancer.

Our counselors are here to support you, your family, friends and caregivers as you go through this stressful time, providing various treatment options to assist you both verbally and nonverbally in individual counseling.

Using a holistic (mind, body, and spirit) approach, our programs provide all those affected by cancer opportunities to participate in support groups and various classes and events. 

Many people have and will be touched by cancer in their lives. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of all those affected by cancer. No one needs to face cancer alone.

Get Started

If you are interested in survivorship support and services, be sure to talk to your cancer care and support team.