How Can I Help?

We all have a part to play to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

In addition to following the guidance of experts to help prevent spreading the virus, you may also be able to help your community and health care workers on the front line.

Donate Blood

At this time, there is a great need for donation of ALL BLOOD TYPES and PLATELETS.

Also, if you have recovered from COVID-19, the plasma in your blood – called convalescent plasma – is full of antibodies that can help in the treatment of others who have been infected.

Where to donate depends on where you live. Some locations have stopped collecting convalescent plasma. Visit the websites listed below for eligibility requirements and to sign up to donate.

  • If you’re in Illinois, visit the ImpactLife website. OSF HealthCare works with ImpactLife to supply blood components to the majority of its hospitals. Donors must make an appointment.

OSF also works with other blood suppliers in the following areas:

  • If you live in southwest Chicago, visit the Versiti Blood Center of Illinois website.
  • In the Rockford region, visit the Rock River Valley Blood Center website.
  • In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, visit the Community Blood Center website.

Who can donate?

Volunteer blood donors must meet specific criteria. These include:

  • Have a photo ID
  • Have not given blood within the last 56 days
  • Must be at least 17 years of age, or age 16 with parental consent
  • Must be in good health
  • Must weigh at least 110 pounds
  • Must pass the physical and health history exam given before donation
  • Not been pregnant within the last six weeks
  • Not received blood products within the last three months

If you’ve had COVID-19

You are eligible to donate blood 10 days after recovering (no symptoms) from COVID-19 or if your exposure to COVID-19 occurred more than 10 days ago and you’ve had no symptoms since the exposure.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Donors who have received the COVID-19 vaccination and booster are eligible to donate all blood products. Check with the blood center in your area for any required delay from time of vaccination to donating.

Thank Your Health Care Heroes

Support Health Care Join OSF HealthCare in praising Mission Partners and health care workers all over the world who are giving it their all: nurses, doctors, support staff, cleaning staff, and more.

Give Praise & Encouragement


supplies300x300_554195662.jpg Local business and non-profit groups have offered gifts and donations to OSF hospitals and clinics to demonstrate support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Gifts of food or drink should come from licensed, established kitchens.
  • It is preferable for food and drink items to be individually wrapped (not provided buffet-style).

Gifts and donations can be accepted as long as there’s no risk of increased exposure to or spread of COVID-19 or creation of actual conflicts of interest.

We are grateful for all of the support shown by the communities we serve with the greatest care and love. If you want to donate, please contact your local OSF HealthCare facility.