Annual Research Symposium

About the OSF HealthCare Annual Research Symposium

Since 2004, OSF HealthCare has hosted the Annual Research Symposium (ARS), a free event where professionals gather to learn and recognize research, evidence-based practice and process/quality improvement activities and accomplishments from across the OSF HealthCare Ministry and research community.

The daylong event is devoted to:

  • showcasing and celebrating past and ongoing efforts
  • raising awareness of research ethics and human research participant protections
  • providing learning opportunities to both experienced and novice researchers
  • promoting responsible conduct of research
  • implementation of research practices in health care settings

All OSF HealthCare Mission Partners and other research community members interested and/or involved in research are invited to attend.

Research participants are not an intended audience of the ARS, and attendance is limited to research and other medical professionals only. 

Check this page often for new information as the annual event nears.

For questions or more information about the ARS, email .

OSF HealthCare Annual Research Symposium-2019

When & Where

The 2019 ARS was held at the Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center in Peoria, IL on Tuesday, May 14th. 

Program and Speaker Information

Please review the ARS 2019 Program for more information on the event presentations and Keynote speaker.


Congratulations to the following individuals for winning 2019 ARS awards:

  • First Place Platform Presentation: Michael Colin Mowrer, MD for Comparison of 3 Early-Onset Sepsis Evaluation and Treatment Approaches for Neonates born at ≥35 0/7 Weeks Gestation
  • Second Place Platform Presentation: Anil Kumar Swayampakula, MD, MPH for Current practice of tracheostomy after respiratory ECMO in children and review of outcome benefits of early tracheostomy
  • First Place Research Poster: Kurt Hanebrink & Jinma Ren, PhD for The Association between Multiple Sclerosis and Residential Consumption of Polluting Energy for Space Heating
  • Second Place Research Poster: Sandra Scheidenhelm, DNP, RN, NEA-BC for Fall Prevention Bundles Help Decrease Falls in Hospitalized Patients
  • Third Place Research Poster: Maureen Mathews, DNP, APN, CNP for Long Term Warfarin Therapy to Prevent Vertebral-basilar Recurrent Stroke Can Be Safe and Effective
  • First Place Process/Quality Improvement Poster: Phil Mead, MD for Money for Nothing - Rapid Gram negative Identification by BioFire PCR does NOT Decrease Duration of Empiric Antibiotic Treatment
  • Second Place Process/Quality Improvement Poster: Jessica L. Mathis, CLS for STAT! Campy card is a hazard: OSF Micro lab QI process to ensure patients are not misdiagnosed with false Campylobacter infection
  • Third Place Process/Quality Improvement Poster: Kathy Comella, RN, BSN for Decrease Time to Surgeon Consultation for Esophageal and Pancreatic Cancer Patients
  • Best Case Study Poster: June Zhang, MD for Concurrent Embolic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy and Central Retinal Artery Occlusion with Acute Silent Ischemic Stroke


Please visit the Research Portal for access to the 2019 ARS event presentation slides and recordings (OSF Mission Partners only).