OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center

Alton, Illinois

Cancer Registry

The Cancer Registry plays an integral role in our American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (C0C) accredited program. The registry is a data system analysis of data on persons with the diagnosis of cancer, certain blood disorders and benign central nervous system tumors. The patient had to have been diagnosed and/or treated at our facility. The registry works with physicians and administrators to provide support for cancer program development, ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements and standards. In addition, it serves as a resource for statistical and cancer information. The registry coordinates the COC accreditation process and ensures that OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center meets or exceeds all COC program standards.

As required by state law, registry data is reported to the Illinois State Cancer Registry and the National Cancer Database. The information is used to explore trends in patient outcomes in relation to treatment methods and modalities; help provide national and state benchmarks for patterns of patient care and survival; and serves as a basis for quality improvement. The information is confidential and in compliance with HIPAA, OSF Saint Anthony’s privacy policy, Illinois State Cancer Registry’s policy and Illinois state law.

2015 Report

In 2015, 236 new patients were added to the registry. The top diagnosed sites were breast, lung, hematological (blood/bone marrow disorders), prostate and colorectal. Since 1991, 8,300 patients have been entered into the registry database with the registry currently providing annual follow-up to 2,500 cases. Any changes in the patient’s address, contact information or treating physician(s) can be reported to the Cancer Registry at (618) 462-5626. – Debbie DeSherlia, Cancer Data Coordinator

Total Cases 2011-2015

Diagnosed and/or treated at OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center.

Year Analytic Non-Analytic
2011 269 22
2012 251 22
2013 206 15
2014 275 12
2015 229 7

Analytic cases: Patients initially diagnosed at OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center or received all or part of their first course of therapy at OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center.

Non-analytic cases: Patients initially diagnosed and treated at a facility other than OSF Saint Anthony's Health Center.

Facts/Figures of Patients Served in 2015

Gender Number of Patients Percentage of Patients
Female 124 55%
Male 102 45%
Race Number of Patients Percentage of Patients
Caucasian 224 95%
African-American 10 4%
Other 2 1%
Stage at Diagnosis Number of Patients Percentage of Patients
Stage 0 12 5%
Stage I 54 23%
Stage II 45 19%
Stage III 39 17%
Stage IV 53 22%
Unknown or N/A 30 13%
Other* 3 1%