OSF Saint Clare Medical Center

Princeton, Illinois

Spiritual Support

Spiritual health is an important factor in a patient's care, treatment and recovery. Perry Memorial Hospital assures that patients and/or their families have access to their clergy or the hospital’s Chaplaincy Services.

When a patient is admitted to Perry Memorial Hospital, the patient and/or family are asked, “Do you have a religion preference you would like listed?”, “Do you have a local church you are affiliated with?”  and “Is it okay for your Pastor to be notified that you are here?”

In an emergency situation, the patient’s own pastor is contacted if the information is available and patient or family has requested they be contacted. If the information is not available, the Chaplain of the Week is contacted by the Switchboard or House Supervisor.

The Chaplain of the Week (local clergy volunteers) provides the following services:

  1. Spiritual and/or emotional support to patients, families and staff.
  2. Visits to newly admitted patients who request a visit from the Chaplain.
  3. Information to local clergy of an admission or need, as requested by a patient.