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Emergency Services

Fast, Expert Care Is Here When You Need It

Tiskilwa Ambulance at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center Where will you go when an emergency illness or injury strikes?

When you need skilled medical care right away, there’s a dependable answer: Emergency services at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center. No matter what happens, we are here and prepared for anything — 24/7.

What Kind of Philosophy Do the Emergency Doctors Have?

The staff serving emergency services have a patient- and community-centered focus and a commitment to delivering quality emergency medical care.

Who Staffs the Emergency Services Department?

Dr. Eric Castro seeing a patient in the emergency room at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center Princeton Emergency Medicine Specialists (PEMS) provides full-time emergency services for our patient families.

PEMS is owned and operated by Dr. Neal Edelson and Dr. John Timmons, along with more than a dozen other emergency physicians, provide emergency care at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center. 

All physicians are or will be emergency medicine board-certified. Dr. Neal Edelson is the on-site Medical Director for emergency services.

What Other Professionals Staff the Emergency Services Department?

In addition to the services provided by the physicians of PEMS, OSF Saint Clare emergency services includes 24-hour coverage by specialized nurses and other support personnel.

To maintain the highest standards in emergency care procedures, ongoing education and training is required. Staff members are certified in advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, the neonatal resuscitation program, trauma nursing and emergency communications.

How Are Patients Arriving by Ambulance Served?

Emergency nurses at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center Continuity of care is vital when patients are transferred from the ambulance to OSF Saint Clare emergency services.

That’s why we staff an emergency communication nurse to remain in contact with local ambulance services and provide instruction and optimal care prior to a patient’s arrival at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center.

What Kind of Emergency Facilities Does the Hospital Have?

The emergency department has two trauma rooms, six treatment rooms, a separate entrance and treatment area for those patients requiring isolation or decontamination and a separate entrance for those patients arriving by ambulance.

What Kind of Emergency Services Are Available For Victims of Domestic or Sexual Violence?

SANE nurses in the ER at OSF Saint Clare Medical Center OSF Saint Clare Medical Center has two certified SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) nurses ready to assist any patients arriving in the emergency department following domestic or sexual abuse. 

The emergency department staff and SANE nurses coordinate closely with law enforcement and Freedom House to ensure all of the appropriate measures are taken in a timely manner. 

Our staff are trained to go above and beyond to make victims feel comfortable and supported, and ensure the experience does not traumatize the patient any further.

What if I Have Additional Questions or Want to Call About Current Wait Times?

We welcome your calls at (815) 875-2811

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