OSF Saint Clare Medical Center


Preventative HealthE-Visits Are Available By Telephone or Video

Stay connected with OSF Saint Clare primary care providers via telehealth to keep your health and wellness a top priority.  The team of physicians and nurse practitioners are available for virtual appointments to help you manage your health from home.  Virtual appointments allow you to check in and stay connected now, and wait to schedule a face-to-face visit until your provider recommends it.  

OSF Saint Care Medical Group - Primary Care is offering virtual HealthE-Visits for existing patients.  Call to schedule your HealthE-Visit at (815) 875-4531.

COVID Support Is Available 24/7

If you believe you are experience COVID-like symptoms, the COVID Communication Line is available 24/7.  Discuss your symptoms with a trained healthcare professional, and receive guidance on what to do next for your care.  

Please note, if you are experiencing any serious or life-threatening conditions such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, or injuries, please call 9-1-1 or go to the emergency room.

Virtual Appointments Are Easy

HealthE-Visits can include appointments via the telephone or using video.  Depending on the reason for the appointment or your specific health concerns, your provider may feel it is better to see you in person.  

Scheduling a HealthE-Visit is easy.  

  1. Call (815) 875-4531.

  2. Request a telephone appointment or video appointment with your provider.

    If you requested a video appointment, you will receive an email including instructions.

HealthE-Visits Are Convenient For Busy Schedules

During a video HealthE-Visit, providers can electronically prescribe medications if necessary, refill medications and order lab testing.  In addition, staff from the OSF Saint Clare Medical Group - Primary Care may call you after your visit to schedule further testing or appointments.

Be Prepared Before a Video  HealthE-Visit

Before your video HealthE-Visit, you will need to have Webex downloaded and installed on your device.  We recommend downloading it at least a day in advance.  If you are using an Android or Apple device, you can download the Webex app from the Google Play or App Store.  If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, you will need to download and install the app.

Download Webex (select Webex Meetings)

Note that the of Webex used for virtual appointments is not considered secure.  While we are confident in the privacy of your personal health information, we cannot guarantee that your home network connection will keep your information secure.  

Ensure Your Internet Is Fast Enough For Virtual Video

For a video appointment to work, your internet needs to be fast enough to stream to the video.  As a general rule, if you can stream Netflix or YouTube videos on your phone, computer, or tablet, your internet should be fast enough to use Webex.  

You can check your internet speed using this Comcast tool.  In order to schedule a video HealthE-Visit, your internet speed should be at least 0.5 Mbps (receiving and sending).

Ready to Schedule Your Virtual Appointment?

Call (815) 875-4531 and request a phone or video appointment.