Brain Tumor / Neuro-Oncology

Brain Tumor/Neuro-Oncology

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The OSF INI Brain Tumor Center is located at:
200 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Peoria, IL 61603

INI_MDs_APNs_with_Pts_JUMP_20150327-454.jpg Few things are more frightening than to be told that you or a loved one has a brain tumor. At the OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute (OSF INI) Brain Tumor Center we understand the panic and anxiety that comes with this diagnosis. We are experts in this field and are dedicated to treating you and not just your condition. We offer treatment with compassion.

OSF INI offers cutting-edge treatment from a highly skilled team with a range of expertise, but that’s only the beginning. We understand that your diagnosis affects your body, your mind and your emotions, as well as those of your family or support system. We treat you, not just your condition, never forgetting that your recovery depends not only on science, but also on compassion.

The OSF INI Brain Tumor Center is a joint effort between OSF Saint Francis Medical Center and the following departments at the University of Illinois Medical College at Peoria.

  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurology
  • Neuroradiology
  • Neuropathology
  • Medical Oncology
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Department of Basic Science

Specialists representing each of these departments work as a team to evaluate your condition and provide state-of-the-art, comprehensive and individualized care, never forgetting that you are a person, facing a great challenge.

Our physicians are the same scientists who are constantly researching new and better ways to fight these tumors and to improve every patient’s quality of life.

A Leading Brain Tumor Center

The team of specialists at the OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute Brain Tumor Center understands the anxiety caused by a brain tumor diagnosis. Our comprehensive approach to caring for patients with brain tumors brings together a multi-disciplinary team to provide advanced treatment options for targeting and destroying brain tumors.

Caring for Patients With Brain Tumors

We are one of the busiest brain tumor centers in Illinois. Our experience and our commitment to cutting edge brain tumor research help ensure we offer the very best and up-to-date treatment to our patients with brain tumors.