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valenzuela-website-banner.jpgThe Illinois Neurological Institute welcomes Dr. Valenzuela to our multiple sclerosis team. Dr. Valenzuela specializes in caring for patients with multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica and neurosarcoidosis.Learn More ms-accred-banner.jpgComprehensive MS CareThe OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute Multiple Sclerosis Center has again been designated as a Center for Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Care, thanks to our range of services and research efforts.Learn More

Multiple Sclerosis Center

untitled shootIMG_3794_July 10, 2011_tn.jpg The Illinois Neurological Institute (INI) Multiple Sclerosis Center is bringing hope to multiple sclerosis (MS) patients throughout Central Illinois. Their mission is to provide excellence in MS care and ensure the best possible outcomes for those suffering with MS. Our MS Center is designated by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as a Center for Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Care.  Your MS Center team is highly specialized in the treatment of MS and has more than 70 years of experience. They go beyond diagnosis, treatment and research, they also offer therapy and social services for the total well-being of their patients and their patient’s families.

Neurologists on the MS Center’s team are highly-trained specialists in multiple sclerosis, neuro-immunology and neuro-ophthalmology. They use the next generation of diagnostics, outpatient rehabilitation and research trials for those who qualify. This approach along with compassion treats the whole person and provides the best possible outcome for those living with MS.

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