Comprehensive MS Exam

Comprehensive MS Exam

The OSF HealthCare Illinois Neurological Institute (OSF INI) MS Center offers a MS Comprehensive exam for newly diagnosed and recently established patients.  This service will be extended to existing patients in the future. 

During this annual MS comprehensive visit, patients and family members or caregivers, will experience time with the provider (MD and Mid-Level Providers), MS certified nurses and physical/occupational therapists, social worker or licensed neurology counselor, dietician, and urology (bladder) clinicians. 

If the need arises, speech therapists and representatives to assist with wheelchair and orthotic (ankle/foot brace) needs will be available as well. 

A MS specific neurology exam, called an EDSS, will be performed and patients will also be given the opportunity to complete quality of life questionnaires. 

A MS Flowsheet Registry that can integrate with the electronic medical chart has been implemented. This registry has many benefits, one of which will assist providers and staff with viewing your individualized, complete, MS history in one electronic “view”. 

The OSF INI Multiple Sclerosis Center is making steps to improve the care they provide and become the best MS Center in the nation.