Counseling services provided by a qualified counselor include: individual and group counseling, peer support, and referral to appropriate resources. Confidentiality is maintained in relation to counseling services. No information is released without the consent of the student except as required by law or to protect the student or others from harm. Programs for personal growth and development are offered through the counseling service office. The Resident Assistant program is under the supervision of Counseling Services.


Vicki Kamhi, MA, LCPC, NCC  Office 112
Phone: 655-7100
Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm 
OSF Security  655-2131
Peoria Police/Fire/Ambulance  9-1-1
Emergency Response Service
(Crisis Intervention) 

The Center for Prevention of Abuse
(Victims of sexual assault, domestic violence) 


Counselor's Goal

It is the goal of the counselor to be available to all enrolled students (undergraduate and graduate) to help them adjust to the CON, nurses training, and to succeed with earning his/her degree while at the College of Nursing

First Appointment

Many students come to the counselor's office, Room 112, on their own seeking assistance. Typically they will be seen immediately, or make an appointment for a later time. Students may also call the counselor at 655-7100 for an appointment. The initial contact includes identification of concerns and issues, with a focus on goal setting. Referrals to the counselor are also made by faculty, professional staff, resident assistants, and SOS team members.

Services Offered

Student Support Group Individual Therapy

A full range of psychological services are offered, including coping with conflicts at school, work and personal life, depression, low self-esteem, stress management, and assertiveness training. The counselor and student work together to develop strategies for addressing goals. Couples and family therapy are included, according to the need of the student.

Group Therapy (facilitated by the counselor)

The supportive environment of peers to enhance work on goals. Feedback from other students in a non judgmental setting, promotes positive personal growth.

Academic Development Center (ADC)

The counselor is a part of the Academic Development Center (ADC) helping students to improve their academic and clinical performance.

SOS Program

Students Offering Support, under the counselor's direction, provides a mentoring service to the new students starting each Fall and Spring semesters.  The SOS team is made up of mostly seniors who meet the new junior students during orientation and assist with the transition to the College of Nursing.

RA Program

Under the counselor's guidance, RA's provide support to residents of the CON dorm, making appropriate referrals to the counselor and possible community agency.


Any contact with the counselor is kept in strict confidence.  When the counselor and a student think that it would be helpful to share any information, the student completes a Release of Information form.

According to the Illinois Mental Health and Development Disabilities Confidentiality Act there are three situations when a counselor is required to release information:

  • A minor child is at risk of being abused or neglected.
  • A student the counselor is working with is at risk of serious injury to him/herself.
  • A student the counselor is working with is threatening serious harm to another person.

State and Federal Regulations

Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing is committed to the personal safety and health of both students and employees. To assist with this the following resources are provided:

Addiction Prevention

Addiction Prevention information can be found under Drug/Alcohol Prevention in the Student Handbook.

Voting Registration

You may download a registration form in either English or Spanish.  Complete and mail the form the the election authority for the jurisdiction in which you live. You must send with this application either (i)a copy of a current and valid photo identification, or (ii) a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document that shows your name and address.

Voter Registration Form

Personal Safety

Safety Information can be found in the  Emergency Operations Plan (PDF - 3.8 MB) .