Alternative Loans

  • Alternative (private) Loans are available to students after they have exhausted all other options for financial assistance.   The College of Nursing wants to ensure that all students apply and be aware of their federal, state, and scholarship opportunities that may be available to help you meet your educational expenses before pursuing an alternative loan option.   We realize that students may need additional funds beyond what they qualify for or are not eligible to borrow federal loans.  A student can obtain a alternative loan through private lenders.  Eligibility is based on the student's and/or co-signer's creditworthiness.
  • Interest rates, fees, repayment periods, etc. can vary from lender to lender.   Carefully review the website for those loans you are interested in or you can call the lender for further information.   Please click on the link for further information regarding the difference between  federal and private loans.
  • Saint Francis Medical Center has partnered with ELM Resources to offer students the ability to compare and select the educational loan that best fits thier needs.   Clicking on the link below will take you to Saint Francis College of Nursing's ELM partner site
  • ELMSelect - Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing

Please note the College of Nursing doesn not have a "preferred" lender list.  The lenders and programs shown on the ELMSelect website are based on historical borrowing by past College of Nursing students determined by ELM.  This order of the listing is random and the College of Nursing does not priortize any one program over another.  You may choose one of the products listed, or choose any lender or product not listed, and the College of Nursing will process your loan once we have been notified.