OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group

Escanaba, Michigan

3D Mammography

Nurse with mammography patient OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group is the only hospital in the U.P. and north of Milwaukee to offer 3D mammography!

Benefits of 3D mammography include:

  1. Improved imaging to detect cancer at its earliest stage
  2. Fewer call backs for additional screening
  3. Greater Accuracy in pinpointing size, shape and location of abnormalities
  4. Greater Precision – enabling physicians to more easily detect abnormalities, including multiple breast tumors (occurring in 15 percent of breast cancer patients)

What to Expect at Your Mammogram

When You Arrive

Patients arriving for a mammogram at OSF St. Francis Hospital & Medical Group will check in at the Hospital Front Desk.

Our friendly staff and volunteers will assist you with the registration process and direct you to the Medical Imaging Department.

You will be shown to a private mammography suite, given a gown and instructions. Avoid wearing deodorant.

After the Test

Your images will be reviewed by a board certified radiologist and a report will be dictated and sent to your referring physician.

Federal law requires that mammography results be sent to patients within 30 days, but patients at OSF may expect to receive their results much sooner, typically within a couple of days.