OSF St. Joseph Medical Center

Bloomington, Illinois


Child Friendly Ultrasound After registering at Admitting, you will be taken to the Ultrasound waiting room and given an armband.

When it is your turn to have your pictures taken, an ultrasound technologist will come and take you to your room.  For this procedure, you can bring a blanket or toy with you.

Your parents will also be able to be in the room with you the entire time. In this room, you will see a bed and a machine with a computer on wheels. The lights in the room are turned down low so the technologists can see the computer screen better.

The ultrasound technologist will ask you to lie on your back. He or she will then put cool gel on the part of your body that needs examined. The technologist will use a computer wand and gently move it across your body where he or she put the gel.

This procedure might tickle, but it won’t hurt. You can watch the computer screen as the wand takes pictures of your inner body parts. When the ultrasound technologist is done taking pictures, he or she will clean off the gel and you are all done.

Your ultrasound will be reviewed by a radiologist, a type of doctor who looks at X-rays. The radiologist will share what he sees with your primary doctor. Your doctor should have the results within 24 to 48 hours.