OSF Medical Group

Fertility and Gynecology

Women today want to know what’s going on with their bodies. At the start of menstruation and throughout a woman’s lifetime, it is not uncommon to experience irregularities. The OSF Institute for Women’s Health and Fertility shows women how to monitor their gynecologic and reproductive health naturally. We not only identify, but also treat problems.

We can also show couples how to achieve or avoid pregnancy. Using this method requires the couple to respect one another’s bodies and enhance their way of communicating. It allows them to be free of fear of medical side effects and gives them the peace of following their spiritual, religious, ethical and cultural beliefs.

Who We Serve

As a Catholic health care ministry, OSF Institute for Women’s Health and Fertility provides assistance to all women who want to monitor and maintain their gynecological health. We also help engaged or married couples build their families. We believe it is important to provide an option to contraception that is safe, evidence-based, effective and consistent with our commitment to the dignity of the person.