OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

Rockford, Illinois

After Baby is Born

At the Center for Life, we want to help you make a successful transition into parenthood. Our Patient Education Coordinator will see to the many questions and concerns you might have about caring for yourself and your baby. Our Certified Lactation Consultant can help coordinate breastfeeding during your stay and after you return home. Our Clinical Nurse Specialist/Case Manager will address any issues you may have during your stay.

Infant Car Seats

Preparing for your new baby to come home is very exciting and requires a great deal of planning. One area that is extremely important is the proper installation of your infant’s car seat. If you have questions related to your car seat, please call one of our car seat technicians at 815-227-2055 to set up an appointment. These appointments can often be accomplished prior to your hospitalization so you are prepared in advance to take your baby home.
Here are a few tips to help you with your infant car seat:

  • Make sure your child’s safety seat is installed tightly into the vehicle. It should not move back and forth more than an inch.
  • Check to make sure the safety seat is at the correct angle according to the seat’s directions.
  • Harness straps on the baby should be snug at the shoulders and on the hips. You should not be able to fit more than one or two fingers between the straps and your baby at these two points. The retainer clip connecting the straps should be at armpit level on the baby.
  • Avoid dressing baby in thick clothing when in the car seat. There are two reasons for this: Babies get overheated, and the straps will no longer be snug on your child.
  • Children need to be rear-facing until they reach one year of age and weigh at least 20 pounds. They must meet both requirements before they can ride facing forward. It is always safest to keep the child rear-facing, so keep the child rear-facing for as long as the seat allows.

Postpartum Clinic

Becoming a new parent often presents stressful changes and numerous questions, some too involved to be dealt with in-depth during the short hospital stay. OSF Saint Anthony offers new families the support and care necessary to have a great beginning.

New mothers are scheduled for a complimentary visit with the Postpartum Clinic 24-48 hours after hospital discharge. This clinic visit is designed to provide another opportunity for parent education and skill-building under the watchful eye of a health care professional. 

Postpartum Clinic nurses perform weight checks and other newborn assessments, especially those related to jaundice and dehydration, which could result in serious consequences.  Nurses also screen for maternal infection, domestic violence and post partum depression, thereby providing a safety net to new families who may have limited resources for informational and clinical support. 

Women receive assessment and assistance with breastfeeding their infant.  The professional support received helps strengthen each mother’s confidence in her ability to care for her infant. 

If you have any questions about the postpartum clinic, call 815-227-2744.