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Questions about COVID-19 and pregnancy?

We are honored you are choosing the Family Birthplace at OSF HealthCare Sacred Heart Medical Center.

It's never too early to start making the best choices for your children. From good prenatal nutrition to attending childbirth classes and choosing the best obstetrician and hospital - these choices can start your family off on the right foot.

New Mother with Baby

The Family Birthplace at OSF Sacred Heart encourages bonding throughout the birthing experience to help make this a very special and memorable time for the entire family. 

Our highly-trained and experienced professionals provide you and your baby with personalized, loving care.

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Expectant parents are welcome to come in and get to know our staff and facility. 

To arrange a tour of the Family Birthplace, call (217) 443-5214.

Our Family Birthplace

We love caring for moms, babies and families. We are organized to best meet the many needs and stages throughout the journey of your pregnancy, delivery, recovery and caring for your newborn.

There are many benefits to choosing OSF Sacred Heart

  • Labor/delivery/recovery suites (LDR): Our LDR suites provide a comfortable and private environment. The suites include:
    • Advanced medical technology, including a central fetal monitoring system and a portable ultrasound at the bedside
    • Whirlpool tubs or showers with seats and pull-down massaging shower heads
    • Rocking chairs
    • Comfortable sleep chairs for your support person. 
  • C-section suites: Two fully-equipped surgical suites are available in the case of a cesarean birth.
  • Postpartum care: Our comfortable postpartum rooms have TVs, telephones, rocking chairs and comfortable recliners and Wi-Fi. Each room has its own private bathroom and shower.
  • Parent-infant bonding: We encourage you to spend as much time with your baby as you desire. We encourage mother/baby care which allows babies to stay with moms during the stay. Your support person may visit anytime and stay overnight. 
  • Postpartum support: After your delivery, your nurses will teach you how to care for your baby and our nursing staff has been trained to support your breastfeeding needs. 
  • Safety and security: An electronic security system ensures that all new babies are safe during their hospital stay. Our electronic infant security system uses the latest technology and allows for continuous monitoring of the infant. Our unit is locked and visitors are required to identify themselves for permission to enter and exit the unit.

Level II Intermediate Care Nursery

If your baby needs more intensive care, we're ready with Level II Intermediate Care Nursery services where infants are cared for by specially trained nurses who closely monitor and observe them 24/7 with in-house neonatology services. Parents are encouraged to visit and participate in the care of the baby while in the Intermediate Care Nursery.

If complications arise during your pregnancy or delivery, we have the capabilities to care for high-risk pregnancies and babies, including low-weight and premature births 32 weeks and above.

We continually invest in equipment that enhances the staff’s ability to care for babies who need advanced care, including:

  • GE Panda baby warmers: With built-in resuscitation capabilities for high-risk babies as well as the ability to monitor the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate without additional equipment.
  • Giraffe OmniBed: The most advanced and developmentally supportive microenvironment for critically ill infants, its full-featured incubator and radiant warmer eliminates the stress of moving infants from bed to bed.


To save time on your big day, you can pre-register ahead of time by calling (855) 875-9823.


OSF Sacred Heart Medical Center
812 N. Logan Avenue
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Phone: (217) 443-5214
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